Quilt Packing Box - PX000138

Customizing Quilt Packaging Boxes with Rope handle

Product(Quilt Packing Box - PX000138) Description

Item:Customizing Quilt Packaging Boxes with Rope handle
Size: As per your requirepment

We has been involved in the Quilt Packing Box packaging market for many years. Now we feature a wide selection of cheap Quilt Packing Box. Varied styles enable you to be different from each other.
www . Q I N S E N . com

www . Q I N S E N . com

You can send your design and artwork to us ,we also accept custom design for you base on your draft/idea.
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If you have any good idea for Quilt Packing Box, welcome to tell us! With the professional design ability, we can put your ideas of design into reality!

OEM/ODM orders are welcome.

Any further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Above is just for custom made reference as your size and design.

Any Size , Various Material , Free design,Accept Logo

Min Order(MOQ) : 2000 Pieces each style/size/artwork

It's our pleasure to do business with you and make you satisfied.

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