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Appare Packaging Reference Guide :There are about Apparel Packaging product records and apparel packaging design here.It just a blog and those just for your reference and give your apparel packaging ideas for create your custom packaging.Those product (apparel box design with matched apparel packaging bags) link at the Title of the item, you can get their info.We are a apparel box manufacturer.If you want to buy packaging for apparel,You can find quality & cheep apparel packaging solutions here.

* Folding Gift Box

Folding Gift Box

We custom made various kinds of apparel packaging.Here, We collected various apparel packaging product photo/design for your reference....

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  • Style ID:PX000383 : Shirt Box

    * Shirt Box

    Item:2015 New Fashion Shirt Box with Rope Handle

    1 Materials: 1200gsm Ivory board, white back duplex board, gray back dupl...

  • Style ID:PX000384 : Shirt Box

    * Shirt Box

    Item:Customized Shirt packaging with bag

    Size: As per your requirepment

    This is Corrugated Box with Match desig...

  • Style ID:PX000376 : Kraft Apparel Box

    * Kraft Apparel Box

    Item:Drawer Style Natual Brown Kraft Shoulder Box for Clothing

    This is kraft paper Box.

    1 Materials: 350gsm -400g...

  • Style ID:PX000377 : Shirt Box

    * Shirt Box

    Item:Custom Shirt Box for famous brand

    This is Rigid Cardboard Box.
    1 Materials: 800gsm - 1200gsm Ivory board, white ...

  • Style ID:PX000378 : apparel box

    * apparel box

    Item:Custom printing apparel box with plastic handle

    1 Materials: (Medium Density Fiberboard)MDF with cover art paper.acco...

  • Style ID:PX000379 : Apparel Box

    * Apparel Box

    Item:Custom Printing Apparel Box

    1 Materials: 800gsm - 1200gsm Ivory board, white back duplex board, gray back duplex boar...

  • Style ID:PX000380 : Kraft Apparel Box

    * Kraft Apparel Box

    Item:Nature Brown kraft paper box for Apparel
    Accept Brand/Logo

    1 Materials: 300gsm -400gsm kraft paper card / White ...

  • Style ID:PX000381 : Kraft Box

    * Kraft Box

    Item:Recycled Nature Brown Kraft Box for Tie

    1 Materials: 300gsm -400gsm kraft paper card
    2 Accept printing/screen ...

  • Style ID:PX000382 : Tie Box

    * Tie Box

    Item:Recycled Black Box for Tie Packaging 1 Materials: 300gsm -400gsm Black card 2 Accept printing/screen printing/hot stamped L...

  • Style ID:PX000098 : Black Apparel Box

    * Black Apparel Box

    Item:Classical Black Packaging Box with Name/Brand for Men's apparel line
    Black color always is Classical.
    The logo is Blac...

  • Style ID:PX000374 : Black Apparel Box

    * Black Apparel Box

    Item:Black Box with Hot stamped Logo for Clothing Packaging

  • Style ID:PX000368 : apparel box

    * apparel box

    Item:Rigid Apparel box with various custom brand artwork

    Cardboard Box Feautres:
    1 Materials: 800gsm - 1200gsm Ivory ...

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