Regarding the sample fee

Your price is ok.I do not want to pay the sample fee as I have never done business with you before. If I don't like your sample, I will lose the money.

Don't worry about it.
For the sample we made before and it is in stock, it is free if you would like to pay for the freignt;
If you need correct sample as you demand,It have cost for us.
And the our sample fee is just cost for custom sample.We don't earn this money form the sample fee.
You pay the sample,it is a way to show your sincerelity of doing business with us.
We promise we will definitely return the postage to you when we first cooperation.
Of cause,We confirm make a goods sample for you and we will send the photo to you before we send out the sample.
If we don't make a good sample,we would not send out and return all the money to you.
Please note that we are a manufacture .Trust is life,to us.
We manufcture and export more production to North America and Europe some years.

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