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...Focusing on giving you value-added solutions for your apparel packaging needs, Gabriel Industry. is a professional custom packaging manufacturer.
...We have been successfully manufacture and export a variety of affordable high quality customized apparel/clothing packaging for both consumers and product manufacturers around the world. Such as branded paper bags,apparel boxes,custom underwear/lingerie packaging boxes ,and also supply other packaging product : ribbon,Paper tag,tissue paper,sticker and label for clothing accessories.
...A beautifully package generates new and repeat business for you, adds value to the product and enhances the beauty of your product or your brand. We has been involved in the apparel/Clothing fashion packaging market for many years.and now we feature a wide range of custom apparel packaging solution for you. Apparel boxes & bags are the packing your apparels.
...Let us help you create customized matched packaging to show off your brand.

New Recommended (Paper Apparel Bags & Paper Apparel Boxes)
Apparel Gift Box
Apparel Gift Bag
Paper Tag/Sticker/Ribbon

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